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What is the difference between market rent and subsidized rent?

Qualifying households pay a reduced monthly rent that is calculated based on 30% of their gross monthly income. Government funds cover the difference between this payment and the full market rent. This is known as subsidy. Non-qualifying households pay the full monthly charge based on cost, which is called market rent.

How do I qualify for subsidy?

Depending on the number of bedrooms required, if your gross household income is below $33,000 (1 bedroom) or $44,000 (3 bedroom) - you may qualify.

How do I apply for subsidy?

The first step is to apply with NB Housing through Social Development by calling 1-833-733-7835 (option 4 for housing). After you have applied with NB Housing you can apply here, to get on our waiting list as well. If preferred, we also have a paper copy of the application available at our office (14 King Square South, Saint John, NB)


I do not qualify for subsidy, but I would still like to rent an apartment. What do I do?


You can either apply here, or by completing a paper application which is available at our office.

How many properties does Saint John Non Profit Housing Inc. own and maintain?

We currently have 48 buildings located in within the city. Within these buildings, there are 246 market rent units, and 250 subsidized units. 

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